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Preparing for Summer Holidays: Part One

Part One: 14 Tips for Packing your Suitcase

We have all suffered from luggage nightmares that could have easily been avoided had we packed our suitcases more efficiently. For a stress-free packing experience, the professional residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID suggest these simple tips for packing your suitcase with ease.

Spruce up your Suitcase

Finding your suitcase […]

July 17th, 2015|Family, Organization Tips, Summer, Uncategorized|

Tips for Removing and Preventing Mould in your Kitchen

With the increase in condensation and moisture during the summer months, keeping your kitchen and bathrooms fresh and clean isn’t as easy as it sounds. Mould thrives in warm, moist conditions and can be very hazardous to your health. By removing existing mould and reducing the development of moisture, you can eliminate mould from spreading […]

July 15th, 2015|Cleaning Tips, Health|

Rehydrate with Exciting Water Infused Beverages

We all know how important it is to keep our bodies hydrated, especially during the summer months. Ordinary water, however, can sometimes lose its appeal over time. The professional residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID recommend trying these fun water infused beverages to help give your water some flare!

The simplest way to infuse water is […]

July 10th, 2015|Health, Summer|

Working from Home During Summer Vacation

Summer break is often the time when balancing your household and work becomes difficult. For those of you who work from home, finding the time to fit in work while entertaining your children proves a challenging task. The professional residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID outline some tips and tricks to help you remain productive […]

July 8th, 2015|Family, Summer|

Natural Home Remedies: Part Two

Part two: Natural remedies for treating bug bites and how to remove ticks correctly

The second installment of Natural Home Remedies focuses on how to treat bug bites and correctly remove ticks this summer. The professional residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID suggest the following remedies and tips:

Insect Bites

Rub an ice cube over the infected area […]

July 3rd, 2015|Family, Health|

Natural Home Remedies: Part One

Part one: Natural remedies for treating wasp and bee stings

Confrontations with troublesome insects this summer is inevitable. For some of these pests, insect repellent is an effective deterrent. Others, however, seem perpetually bold; their stings as bad as their buzz. The professional residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID recommended these tips and natural remedies to […]

July 1st, 2015|Family, Health|

MOLLY MAID’s First Aid Travel Kit

If you have a cottage or have a camping trip or even a day trip planned, it is important to always have a portable first aid kit at the ready. Always see a doctor if symptoms are severe.

Antihistamines are for treating mild allergic reactions such as hay fever, insect bites and hives. Some may cause […]

June 26th, 2015|Family|

Must-do Clean-ups: Where the Germs Are

Germs are everywhere, but research has shown that they like to hide – and multiply – in specific areas in your home. The professional residential cleaners from MOLLY MAID outline where germs can be found and how to get rid of them.

The Coffee Maker: The coffee maker is dark and damp and is a perfect […]

June 24th, 2015|Cleaning Tips, Organization Tips|

BEST FATHER’S DAY EVER: It’s All About Family

Father’s Day this coming Sunday is a wonderful reason to spend time together as a family and to celebrate Dad! Here is a guide to having the best Father’s Day ever. It’s all about focusing on different elements that make a successful day and sharing chores and fun times with everyone!

You’re Invited: Invite Mom, Dad […]

June 19th, 2015|Family|

What Can’t Be Recycled or Put in the Garbage?

If it’s not garbage or something that can be recycled, the item is likely hazardous waste. Contact your municipality or region to find out where household hazardous waste can be disposed of (and how it should be packaged).

Here is a checklist of hazardous waste items.

Full or partially full aerosol cans
Fluorescent light tubes
CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps)
Mercury […]

June 17th, 2015|Cleaning Tips|