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Room Fresheners for the Kitchen

As temperatures begin to drop, we tend to close the windows - and the lack of fresh air means cooking smells tend to linger longer.

But there are easy ways to keep air fresh, say the house cleaners at MOLLY MAID, who utilize a Green Housekeeping Program for all of their customers.

In some cases, fragrance will seep into the rest of the house too, so here's how to make the air smell fresh and clean:

  • To deal with sharp odours, such as fish and onion on utensils and cutting boards, wipe them with white vinegar and wash in hot soapy water.
  • Keep fresh coffee grounds in a bowl on the counter, as the grounds help absorb odours.
  • Grind up a slice of lemon in the garbage disposal - it will release a delicious citrus scent.
  • Simmer water, citrus fruits and cinnamon, or other spices, on stove.
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How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing - Naturally

Finding the right air freshener for your home can be difficult. While there are lots of manufactured air fresheners in stores, many contain chemicals that may be harmful to the environment while others are expensive.

So, how can you get a natural, fresh, clean scent in your home?

It's easy - the cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID show you how in just two simple steps:

  1. Open the windows  and let fresh air circulate within your home. Weather-permitting, not only will the fresh air push out any stale scents but opening windows will allow natural light inside too.
  2. Dab pure essential oil onto light bulbs. When light bulbs are cool, dab essential oil onto them. When the light is turned on and the bulb heats up, the fragrance will fill the air. 

For more great tips on how to naturally freshen the smell in your home, click here: BREATHE: Natural Air Fresheners for your Home.

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BREATHE: Natural Air Fresheners for Your Home

When the rooms in your home begin to smell a bit dusty, try these natural, air freshener ideas. They're a refreshing change to chemical air fresheners that you buy.

  1. Open the windows.
  2. Set out bowls of vinegar, which absorb odours.
  3. Make your own citrus air freshener for the bathroom:


2 cups hot water
1/8 cup baking soda
½ cup lemon juice


  • Dissolve the baking soda in hot water, then add the lemon juice and allow to cool.
  • Pour liquid into spray bottle, shake, and use as needed.
  1. For bedrooms, try a vanilla air freshener:


1 cup water
1 cup household vinegar
1 Tbsp vanilla extract


  • Bring all ingredients to a boil then simmer over medium heat for two minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool.
  • Pour liquid into spray bottle, shake and use as needed.

Note: Increase/decrease the amount of vanilla to your preference.

  1. Fill a pot with water and add favourite fragrant ingredients such as cinnamon, herbs and citrus peels, and simmer all day.
  2. For the fridge or bathroom, try an orange freshener:


1 Orange


  • Cut an orange in half and remove the pulp;
  • Fill the empty shell with some salt;
  • Put the freshener in the back of your fridge or behind your toilet.
  • Keep the orange shell in a small bowl so it won't tip over and spill the salt.

The salt absorbs stale and unpleasant odors while the shell releases a fresh, orange scent.  

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