The Dirty Little Secret to Cleaning Copper

If you’re like most people, you’re probably unsure of how to effectively clean your copper pots. Sound, about right? Well, you’re not alone! The cleaning method is actually quite simple. The secret ingredient to cleaning copper pots is grease; elbow grease that is, and a mix of sea salt, white vinegar and water.

Step one: Start […]

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Five Easy ways to Increase Home Safety

Making the home safer and more comfortable for an older adult or senior doesn’t necessarily mean doing a major renovation that could break the bank. Here are five tips from Elizz, Canada’s resource for all things caregiving, that will show family caregivers how making small changes in the home can have a big impact on […]

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The Dirt on Hotel Rooms

Will you be checking into a hotel room soon?

If so, certain items in your ‘home away from home’ may not be as clean as you think. An investigative report conducted by a news station outlines three key areas in your hotel room that you might want to clean before you settle in.

Remote control: The TV […]

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Three Things to Eliminate from your Living Room Right Now

Visible cords and wires
A tangle of visible wires can be quite an eye-sore in your living room. To help tackle the problem, start by determining what, if any, wires can be removed. Label each remaining cord or wire according to their device using a labelled bread tag. Next, use a zip tie to hold all […]

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Five Myths about Self Cleaning Ovens

The self-cleaning oven function is actually fantastic, but many people avoid it because they think it is more trouble than it’s worth. The cleaning professionals at MOLLY MAID have busted five myths about self-cleaning ovens.

The fumes coming out of a self-cleaning oven are harmful only to tropical birds. If […]

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Polished for the Summer

Summer is the season for nail polish, and now is the time to organize your nail polish products so you know where to find them.

Keep in mind, there is no official expiration date for nail polish. As you go through your collection, shake the bottle a few times to ensure the liquid is smooth. If […]

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On Track: How to Tackle Patio Sliding Doors

During the summer, you often have an open door policy, so make sure your sliding doors open with ease.

Standard sliding glass doors are situated on tracks which guide the roller wheels to help the door open and close smoothly. Over time, the sliding glass door track accumulates dirt and grime.

To clean your door tracks, spray […]

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Child Car Seat

Just think – a child’s car seat must be a haven for germs considering the crumbs, sticky fingers and other spills that happen each day.

Indeed, research has shown that kid’s car seats have twice as many germs as the average toilet.

Here’s an eight step plan to help you combat those germs!

First, check the manufacturer’s instructions […]

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Fire up the Barbecue

Finally, barbecue season is here!

Before you get cooking this spring, give your beloved BBQ a quick clean. Here’s how:


To clean the cooking grate, heat the grill on high for ten to fifteen minutes.  Once hot, remove any leftover debris by scrubbing the grill with a wire grill brush.
Once cooled, discard ashes from the bottom of […]

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How to Throw a Freeze-ahead Dinner Party

Most of us love the idea of a dinner party but, as the night gets closer and reality starts to sink in, our stress levels often begin to rise. To combat the pressure of last minute meal prep, MOLLY MAID suggests trying these freeze-ahead recipes for your next dinner party. 


Crustless Mini-Quiches

Makes: 48 pieces


¼ cup cornstarch
1 […]

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