Cleaning Tips

Declutter your Mind with this 3-step Action Plan

If you’re feeling overwhelmed these days, you’re not alone. Although we’re living in the most abundant, uber-connected, technically savvy time, the pace of progress is wearing us down. More and more print and online magazines […]

Care for your Computer in 6 Simple Steps

It doesn’t matter if the junk you accumulate is in your home, garage or computer hard drive, it must be cleaned and purged regularly. Typically, the family laptop is the last thing on the list […]

Say No to Plastic Bags with these 5 (Fashionable) Excuses

Most of us don’t want to admit it, but our homes are drowning in plastic shopping bags. The truth is, we’ve fallen prey to their so-called convenience, when in fact they’re nothing but trouble. Plastic […]

How to Part with your Piano

In the eras before radio and recordings, pianos were a middle-class must-have. They were the main source of a family’s music and entertainment. But, with the way of technology, this is no longer the case. […]

Bulletproof your Filing System in 7 Easy Steps!

Tired of misplacing every piece of mail that comes through the front door, or losing documents within your office? Frustrated that you can’t travel because your passport’s expired? Ready to start paying your bills on […]

Clean Mirrors Boost Morale

November weather can often seem dull and dreary. The leaves have fallen off the trees, the grass is no longer green and yet snow is still a month or so away. Don’t let this lack lustre […]

Best Way to Clean the Cat’s Litter Box

Cleaning the cat’s litter box is important – for you and your cat. Cats are clean animals, but they can leave nasty germs in their litter box. Toxoplasmosis, for example, is one of the nastiest. […]

How to Clean and Organize your Purse

Have trouble finding your keys or your lipstick? An organized purse will save you time. Here are 9 tips that will help:

Dump everything out of your purse onto a table or kitchen counter. Divide […]

Do you do This? 7 Ironing No-no’s

1) Use too much heat on delicate fabrics: With delicate items, if the heat is too high, there is a risk of melting fabric. Start with polyester, silk and other delicate fabrics and use the […]

How to Deal with a Messy Roommate

Dirty dishes, mouldy shower tiles, shoes, clothes and other things strewn on every surface, and a toothpaste-laden sink are all signs that you are sharing space with a super messy roommate. What can you do […]

6 Things you should Clean Every Day

1) Hand and dish towels: Hand towels in the washroom and dish towels in the kitchen are the most used towels in a household. Put out fresh clean towels every day and use this trick […]

Mouldy Caulking: Should you Clean it or Replace it?

No one likes stepping into a shower and seeing spotting mouldy spots in corner caulking. Here’s what to do about it:

TRY CLEANING IT WITH VINEGAR. Put white vinegar into a spray bottle (its acidity […]

Fall Purge: 7 Things you can get Rid of Right Now

1) Sunscreen: Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean you should pack away the sunscreen. It protects skin from the sun’s burning rays all year around. But has it expired? The product should be stamped with […]

How to get your Laundry to Peak Performance

All-purpose laundry detergent ranks high on most people’s list of comforts. What’s not to love? They’re easy to use (especially the pods!), they’re safe for the environment and they make our clothes smell great; however, that […]

Cat Sitting 101

If you are a cat owner, you may require short-term care for your feline when you take an extended vacation. Whether you hire a professional pet sitter or ask a family member or neighbour, it’s […]

Get to Know your Fridge and Maximize its Space for Better Efficiency

The modern refrigerator is a thing of beauty. Each manufacturer claims to have the best design by boasting a bevy of must-have amenities. An ice machine, a shelf to store eggs, a meat and deli […]

Housekeepers are Worth their Weight in Gold!

The most recent happiness study, conducted by the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School, found that people experience more happiness when buying time, rather than material possessions. Even small choices, such as shopping at […]

What Kind of Cleaner Are You?

Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to cleaning. Some people are content with being messy, while others can’t stand the disorganization. Whatever your preferences are, here are some helpful cleaning tips from […]

Tackle Organization with a Tension Rod

By design, an adjustable tension rod is the perfect solution for organizing items in your home. Its skinny, adjustable, and easy to maneuver allowing it to fit discretely into various spaces in your home.

Here are […]

How Safe is your Can Opener?

Where would we be without our trusty can opener? Used during food prep, the can opener is a popular tool found in many kitchens and is often the deciding factor as to whether or not […]