Cleaning Tips

Housekeepers are Worth their Weight in Gold!

The most recent happiness study, conducted by the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School, found that people experience more happiness when buying time, rather than material possessions. Even small choices, such as shopping at […]

What Kind of Cleaner Are You?

Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to cleaning. Some people are content with being messy, while others can’t stand the disorganization. Whatever your preferences are, here are some helpful cleaning tips from […]

Tackle Organization with a Tension Rod

By design, an adjustable tension rod is the perfect solution for organizing items in your home. Its skinny, adjustable, and easy to maneuver allowing it to fit discretely into various spaces in your home.

Here are […]

How Safe is your Can Opener?

Where would we be without our trusty can opener? Used during food prep, the can opener is a popular tool found in many kitchens and is often the deciding factor as to whether or not […]

Pipe Dreams can come True!

The #1 cause of clogged sewer pipes is everyday cooking oil. We often believe that hot water, detergents and garbage disposals are powerful enough to wash away or get rid of grease. Unfortunately, these methods and […]

Minimalism: The Art of Life Less Cluttered

To declutter their life, many have turned to the practices of a minimalistic lifestyle. What exactly is minimalism? According to minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, best known for their blogs, podcast, books and documentary, sum minimalism […]

Cleaning up Camp

Even if you have the stamina to portage for a week, face heavy rain and still manage to keep a smile on your face, the equipment clean-up from a camping trip once you return home […]

Smart Lunch Solutions for the Back-to-School Season

Start the new school year with these smart lunch solutions:

Brown Paper Bags

Back to basics, the brown paper lunch bag is making a comeback. Inexpensive, the paper bag is very versatile. Not only do they come […]

Thanks to Technology, Housework is no longer a Chore

It is quite evident that the advancements in technology have helped save time and effort when cleaning our homes, compared to chores in the 50s.

In fact, housewives in the 1950s spent 42 hours a week […]

A Dust-free Breeze? Yes Please.

Table and floor fans are a blessing when it’s hot and humid. But these cooling mechanisms are dust collectors too. Cleaning your fans regularly will help them work better and last longer. Here’s how:

Turn […]

Why Men Should Clean More

Over the last few years, research has shown that women do more housework than men. Which isn’t a big surprise considering our history; however, there are lots of good reasons why men should pick up […]

Mountain Bike Clean-up

What better way to spend your summer than by travelling along off-road paths and trails on your mountain bike. If the trail is muddy, all the more challenging and fun.

But muck, dust particles and dirt […]

How to Clean the BBQ without a Wire Brush

You’ve probably heard the dangers of individuals accidentally ingesting the metal bristles of their wire BBQ brush. This can happen when the small, sharp bristles break off the wire brush during cleaning and get stuck […]

Air Conditioner Check-up

Does your window air conditioner (AC) have water trickling down its grates? Does the air coming out of the unit seem less cold than earlier in the season?

If so, there could be a problem with […]

How Clean is your Bar of Soap?

Not very clean, if you can believe it.

In fact, germs actually live and breed on the surface of your soap. Who knew?

While it’s unlikely that these germs will make you ill, there are ways to […]

Leaving on a Jet Plane?

Plane travel is often essential to get to that sought-after, much needed vacation destination. Although exciting, sharing a confined space with a number of people, can result in an increased number of germs. Leave the […]

Simple Solutions for Bathroom Odour

Need to freshen up the air in your bathroom? Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Use a commercial product such as ‘Poo-Pourri’ or ‘Lemon Doo Drops Toilet Odour Eliminating Tablets’ before you use […]

Baking Soda: The Unsung Cleaning Hero

Baking soda may just be the most versatile cleaning product in your home. Often used for baking or absorbing odour, it has many additional purposes and has been used for generations. In fact, in 3500 […]

Make your Summer Rental your Home Away from

Vacation rentals can be a hit or miss. In photos, it may look like the vacation home of your dreams, but when you arrive, it quickly becomes evident that the home hasn’t been well kept.  […]

Prepare your Home to Sell Fast!

There’s no denying that summer offers all the bells and whistles needed for the successful sale of your home. Between the beautiful, fragrant gardens; open windows and birds chirping, summer provides the optimal atmosphere for […]