Cleaning Tips

Tips to Jazz Up Packed School Lunches

After the novelty of going back to school, reconnecting with friends and seeing who their new teacher is, kids can start to find school boring, stressful and downright uninspiring. One of the first signs of […]

4 Fundamental Rules to Keeping a Tidy Desk

There are infinite articles and videos online showing you how to keep your desk tidy. Solutions, hacks, and systems to reduce clutter abound with the aim to make you more efficient, have a cleaner home […]

Recycling Reminders – Not All Plastics are Created Equal

With all the different types of plastic packaging in use today, it can be tricky to know exactly what you can and can’t toss in the blue bin…but, there are ways! On most plastic jars, […]

How to Make 2019 a Green Halloween

The scariest thing about Halloween isn’t the walkthrough haunted house at the end of your street, or the terrifying SFX make up on the witch next door, it’s the amount of garbage we produce for […]

How to Tackle the Toughest Thanksgiving Stains

It’s the extra touches that turn special holiday meals from good to fantastic, things like trimmings and of course, the favourite family recipes passed down from generation to generation which are so unique to every […]

Your 2019 Thanksgiving Cleaning Countdown

Thanksgiving Day is the first fall holiday after the kids return to school. Hosting family and friends can be incredibly stressful. This year, get ahead of the Thanksgiving feast frenzy with our workback cleaning schedule […]

Tried, Tested and True: How to Clean Back to School Stains

Ink, blood and fruit juice stains once again become daily messes when the kids are back in school. We’ve poured through history books to find old-fashioned cleaning methods that still stand the test of time.

Ink […]

How to Properly Care for your Wools & Tweeds

It’s finally here! Sweater weather is here to stay, and we can finally bring out the wools and tweeds. But what happens when there’s an unexpected spill, your cats spend the night sleeping on you […]

How to Minimize the Wardrobe Switch from Summer to Fall

Living in a four-season climate means that you own a huge variety of clothing, including outerwear like winter coats and snow pants, as well as footwear that can range from flip-flops to snowmobiling boots.

In the […]

Tips to Help Your Teen Have a Less-Messy Bedroom

The teen years are difficult for teens and parents alike, and one of the top reasons is because a teen’s natural instinct is to create mess everywhere they go. The internet is widespread with the […]

11 Clever Ways to Clean with Used Dryer Sheets

Not only does your average dryer sheet fight the build up of static electricity during drying, it also softens fabric, prevents clothes from gathering lint and makes ironing easier. But, that’s not all!
These 11 handy […]

How to Cope when the Dishwasher Breaks Down

No Dishwasher? No Problem!
For many, the dishwasher has become a treasured appliance they can’t live without. A big time-saver, it keeps the kitchen tidy and free of dish clutter. It also keeps hands soft and […]

How to Clean Up Your Family Bedtime Routine

Getting back to school in September can be tough. The transition from flip-flops to shoes, the beach to the classroom, or baseball to homework, can be difficult for everyone. Summer vacation is a great way […]

Keep your Floors Cleaner than Ever!

As we settle into September’s more structured routine, our front foyers end up doing a complete 180! Minimalist summer gear like flip-flops and baseball caps make way for the dumping ground of rain boots, hockey equipment, […]

Ready for Back To School? It’s Time to Restock Lunch Box Supplies

Whether you pack lunches in the morning, or the night before, knowing where to find the lunch box supplies is the key to success. Designating a cupboard or drawer for those items is the first […]

How to Clean Up as our Cats Age

This is not a cocktail party conversation, but it’s life, and it happens more than people care to discuss. When cats age, they start to pee in all the wrong places. It’s hard emotionally and […]

How to Clean Jute Bags

You may have noticed, that jute bags and everything jute are all the rage right now. It’s thanks to eco fashionistas who are looking for ways to rid the planet of plastic bags and accessories […]

How to Properly Clean a Sari

A sari, also spelled saree, is a style of clothing worn by women, primarily in South Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Nepal. Here in Canada, sari use is on the rise! They […]

How to Plan Your Cleanest Camping Trip Ever!

Marshmallows roasting over an open fire. Endless days and weeks lounging lakeside in a hammock. Sleeping under the stars. Ah, the joys of camping are endless! But what can make or break a camping experience […]

Garbage Day: Winning the Weekly Battle

Every two years Statistics Canada releases national and provincial waste statistics. In 2018, it was reported that approximately 25 million tonnes of non-hazardous waste was sent to disposal across the country in 2016. Similar to […]