Cleaning Tips

The Eerie Creaks, Cracks and Glows of your Home

1. The creaky stairs

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and heard your staircase creaking while everyone was asleep?  If so, not to worry – this is not the result of […]

How to Throw a Freeze-ahead Dinner Party

Most of us love the idea of a dinner party but, as the night gets closer and reality starts to sink in, our stress levels often begin to rise. To combat the pressure of last […]

Do the Washer and Dryer need a Clean too?

Absolutely, says the residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID. Here’s how to do it:


While most people assume that their washer cleans itself every time they do a load of laundry, this is actually not the […]

How to keep your Leather Couch Clean

A leather couch is often an expensive investment, so it’s important to take good care of it.  The residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID recommend the following tips to help keep your leather couch clean […]

Worried about your Christmas spending this year? Here are 9 money saving tips to help you stay in control of your finances

The professional residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID recommend trying these tactics to help you stay within your budget this holiday season.

1. Only bring the amount of money you wish to spend

Bring the allotted amount […]

Spiders: 6 Reasons to Love Them

1. Spiders help keep your home, yard and garden free of insects such as earwigs, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes and other spiders.

2. Spiders help prolong plants by protecting them from harmful insects.

3. Spiders are a source […]

Family Fun Activities to Try this Fall

1. Rake leaves into a pile and jump in them.

2. Visit a local farmer’s market in your area to purchase seasonal produce.

3. Choose a day to go apple picking with your family. Use the apples […]

Five Cleaning Chores that really make a Difference

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that really make a difference. The same is true for cleaning your home. The professional residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID identify cleaning tasks that make a significant […]

Pumpkin Party

If you’re looking to host a Halloween inspired street party for the families in your area, a pumpkin party is a great way to do so. Here’s a guide to help you prepare your fun-filled […]

Draft-proof your Home

As winter gets closer, it’s important to draft-proof your home to keep the warm air inside and the cold air out. The professional residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID suggest trying these helpful tips to […]

Is your Furnace Ready for the Cold Weather?

Before winter arrives, it’s important to ensure that your furnace is ready for the cold months ahead. Contact your local maintenance professional to schedule a standard inspection to make sure everything is working correctly.  In […]

Just Add Salt

We often forget that salt can be used for a lot more than just cooking. Good old fashioned table salt can also be used for cleaning. The professional residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID recommend […]

Do your Carpets need to be Professionally Cleaned?

This simple quiz will help you determine whether or not your carpets need to be professionally cleaned.  Complete the quiz by answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following questions:

Do your carpets look dirty or discoloured?
Are […]

The ‘Ick’ List

Everyone has a list of cleaning chores they absolutely despise! However, by using these simple cleaning methods, the professional residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID will have you tackling these chores with ease.

The greasy stove […]

Helpful Tips for Decluttering your Wardrobe this Fall

Now that summer has ended, it’s time to shed your unnecessary clothes and organize your summer wardrobe. The professionals at MOLLY MAID suggest following these simple tips to help you pack away your summer clothes […]

Hobbies are Good for You: How to find the Perfect Fit!

Having a hobby is a great way to relieve stress, meet new people and get creative. In fact, there are lots of reasons why hobbies are good for you. For those of you who do […]

Is Fall Cleaning the New Spring Cleaning?

We’re all familiar with the concept of spring cleaning and the need to spruce up your home after a long winter. However, many people believe you should give your home a thorough clean with every […]

5 Plants that Love Fall

As we see less of the sun near the end of summer, we also tend to see fewer colours in the garden – but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of […]

Keeping your ‘Smart’ Home Clean

With the increasing number of screens and electronic gadgets in our homes, keeping them clean is becoming quite a challenge. A bit of old-fashioned polishing won’t necessarily work on fragile screens. What’s the best way […]

Getting the Kids on their Back-to-school Bedtime

One of the many things that children love about the long summer holidays is that their normal bedtime is usually extended. This often makes it tricky to get your children back into a regular bedtime […]