Cleaning Tips

Do Fewer Dishes with One Simple Trick

Have you ever noticed how many glasses and mugs your family uses on a regular basis? Using a clean cup, or mug each time you have a beverage can really fill-up your sink or dishwasher […]

Happy Valentine’s Day: Chocolate-covered Strawberries

Looking for the perfect treat to top off your Valentine’s Day dinner? A sweet and delicious chocolate-covered strawberry recipe is all you need!  And if you happen to spill a little bit of chocolate or […]

The Dirt on Hotel Rooms

Will you be checking into a hotel room soon?

If so, certain items in your ‘home away from home’ may not be as clean as you think. An investigative report conducted by a news station outlines […]

Roll on: Four Lint Roller Tricks

Lint rollers are quite handy little items that have come a long way from removing cat hair from your black pants! Here are four new ingenious uses for your lint roller:

Glass shards – When a […]

Six Things you should Never put in the Dryer

It’s always wise to check the product care labels on your clothing and fabric items prior to putting them in the dryer, to make sure they remain in their original state. There are some general […]

Four Unexpected uses for Toothpaste

Toothpaste isn’t just for a brighter smile. While it was originally designed to help keep teeth clean, it surprisingly comes in handy for household chores too.

Faucets: Place a dab of toothpaste on a microfibre cloth […]

Three Things to Eliminate from your Living Room Right Now

Visible cords and wires
A tangle of visible wires can be quite an eye-sore in your living room. To help tackle the problem, start by determining what, if any, wires can be removed. Label each remaining […]

Cutlery Drawer Make-over

Before you begin organizing your cutlery drawer, make sure you clean it out first. Start by removing your cutlery and sorting it into piles. This will help you determine how many sections you will need […]

Danger: Never Mix these Cleaning Products

When you’re faced with a tough cleaning job, it’s tempting to get creative with your cleaning products, however, mixing cleaning products can be quite dangerous. Here is a list of cleaning products you shouldn’t mix […]

Five Ways to Freshen up the Laundry Room

The laundry room is where your clothes go to get cleaned but does your laundry room really live up to the task?  Here are five fabulous ways to freshen up your laundry room work area.

Paint: […]

All the Right Moves

Cleaning is a highly physical activity and therefore, it is important to protect yourself from muscular aches and pains. Here are three ergonomic solutions to common cleaning routines that will help you avoid any aches […]

Squeaky Clean Hair Tools

Between the products in our hair and the dust in the air, it’s no wonder our hair brushes and styling tools look a little shabby. Here are some nifty tricks to help you keep your […]

Mouldy Towel Fix

Have you ever accidentally left wet towels in your laundry hamper for too long? If so, you’ve probably realized that a regular laundry cycle won’t eliminate the smell of mildew. This simple cleaning tactic however, […]

New Ways to Store your Outdoor Christmas Lights

Now that the holidays have come to an end, its time to tackle your outdoor Christmas lights. Instead of cramming them into a storage bin this year, why not try these simple organizational tricks to […]

Five Cleaning Resolutions for Keeping your Home Clean Longer

Not everyone loves to clean. And if that’s the case, here are cleaning resolutions (yes, it’s already New Year’s Eve, tomorrow) that will make your life easier, and your house cleaner.

Shoes Off, No Exceptions: Make […]

Six Items you should Remove from the Bathroom Now

1. Bar soap. Bar soap increases the amount of cleaning you will have to do because it gets grimy faster. Instead, use a liquid soap with a pump or hands-free soap dispenser, which is much […]

Four Christmas Morning Challenges

1. Mountain of wrapping paper: Here are three ways to reduce, reuse and recycle ripped up paper. Consider shredding everything into paper confetti for New Year’s – and then recycling it afterwards. Save it and […]

Sounds (and Spills) of Christmas

‘Tis the season for hosting, celebrating and decking the halls. But since all that fun can lead to spills and stains too, here is a handy guide to take those tough holiday messes that can […]

Holiday Gift Wrapping: Surprising Ways to Keep it Tidy

Spending time with family, entertaining friends and eating delicious food are what the Christmas season is all about! Focus less on the mess this holiday season by organizing your holiday gift wrapping station using these […]

Overhaul your Spice Cupboard in Six Easy Steps

Have you cleaned out your spice cupboard lately?  If you’re like most people, the answer is probably no. Like any other food or condiment, spices do have a shelf life, so it is important to […]