Frequently Asked Questions

When you acquire a MOLLY MAID Franchise you are gaining access to the most well-known trademark in the residential cleaning industry and a proven business system that has been developed to provide you with a competitive advantage over competitors in the market. You will be granted an exclusive territory to operate your MOLLY MAID business, comprehensive training on our proprietary business systems, industry leading management software and ongoing advice and guidance by telephone, email and on-site visits from MOLLY MAID Support Office in Oakville, Ontario.
MOLLY MAID Franchise Owners come from a variety backgrounds and have a wide range of business skills, however, the biggest factors that will help you achieve personal and financial success are strong people skills, a good work ethic, dedication and the principles of the MOLLY MAID system.
All MOLLY MAID Franchise Owners undergo a comprehensive one week initial training program at the Support Office in Oakville, Ontario. During this week you will learn the MOLLY MAID System and necessary procedures that will ultimately make your Franchise successful. Your dedicated Business Advisor will offer you ongoing support and training for enhancements made to our current system. Annual seminars and bi-annual Conventions provide Franchise Owners with the ability to learn new business skills, refine existing ones and network with other Franchise Owners across Canada.
To be successful in our business the full-time dedication of the Owner is required. While many Franchises employ a full-time supervisor or appointed manager, this individual will not have the same commitment level or dedication to the business as you would. Therefore, your full-time involvement is a definite requirement.
There are always new and resale MOLLY MAID Franchise opportunities available across Canada. For a complete list of Franchise opportunities in your area, please visit our Available Areas page, or call our Support Office at 1-855-248-0355.
As a MOLLY MAID Franchise Owner you must either have an office or operate the business from your home, within your exclusive territory. If you are starting a Franchise in a new territory, it will be more cost effective for you to operate your business from your home. However, when your customer base grows, or if you are buying an established Franchise with a large customer base, you will find it more practical to have an office outside of your home.
If you are purchasing an open territory the Franchise Fee is $19,000. This fee includes introductory advertising, administrative supplies, cleaning equipment and supplies necessary to start your first team and our proprietary business management software program. You will also need a minimum of approximately $20,000 in working capital to cover such items as vehicle deposits, insurance, miscellaneous start-up expenses and equipment and supplies for the start of your second team. If you are purchasing an established MOLLY MAID Franchise the purchase price is determined by the existing Franchise Owner and is based on the sales being achieved in the business. You should expect to pay upwards of $100,000 for an established MOLLY MAID Franchise.
Yes, the royalty for a MOLLY MAID Franchise is 6% of your gross revenue. With this you are gaining access to a proven business system, an exceptional brand and trademark and a sustainable competitive advantage that consumers trust.
MOLLY MAID will take as much time as required to ensure that you are making a sound investment decision. On average, however, it takes new Franchise Owners between 1 – 3 months from the initial inquiry to the business start-up date.
The residential cleaning industry in Canada is worth over $3.6 Billion. The demand for residential cleaning service has never been higher. Recent statistics reveal that working mothers spend as much as 2.2 hours each day on household chores in addition to their hours of employment.* These stats are not changing – in fact, the number of dual-income families in Canada is on the rise. You can easily see why timesaving services such as residential cleaning will continue to grow at a phenomenal rate. (*Source: Statistics Canada)
The MOLLY MAID target audience are dual-income families with a combined household income of over $70,000. Generally they range in age from 30-65. Contrast these stats to those of baby boomers who are aged 50-70, have more disposable income than any other segment and represent about one third of the Canadian population. We cater to a large, lucrative customer base with lots of long term growth potential.