Why Choose MOLLY MAID? – More On Our Molly Maid Franchise Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in owning a MOLLY MAID Franchise. The above video outlines some of the great benefits of becoming a MOLLY MAID Franchise Owner.

Since 1979, individuals just like you have joined our growing MOLLY MAID team. With the right set of skills, combined with our proven Franchise Systems and brand awareness, you too can experience the success our Franchise Owners continue to achieve through the ownership of a MOLLY MAID Franchise.

The MOLLY MAID Opportunity

MOLLY MAID is the largest Canadian-based residential cleaning company in the world, with exciting business opportunities available!

Ownership of a MOLLY MAID Franchise provides:

  • A low-risk investment opportunity in a high-growth industry
  • Market-leading brand awareness
  • Proven business systems
  • An experienced team at the MOLLY MAID Support Office, dedicated to helping you succeed

You receive an exclusive territory for your MOLLY MAID cleaning service Franchise. Are you looking for an opportunity near your home or would you like to relocate? Check the available locations for new MOLLY MAID Franchises and established Franchises for sale.

The Value of a MOLLY MAID Franchise

The motivation to own your own business combined with the support of an established, brand-name company makes a strong combination when you add up the value of a MOLLY MAID Franchise. A housekeeping Franchise is a solid move for prospective owners looking for stability and growth when you consider these factors:

  • Commercial cleaning and janitorial services are stable markets
  • You can begin with a low overhead and invest over time
  • Your business model is dependable and straightforward
  • You have reliable repeat business when you provide quality service
  • You can hire entry-level employees who can work flexible schedules

The MOLLY MAID Winning Formula

We support your success with training and business information. You have an experienced commercial team behind you with the MOLLY MAID Competitive Advantage, which includes:

  • A profitable business model, that will help you increase your customer base, profitability and the overall value of your business.
  • Personnel recruitment, orientation and training systems that will help you attract high-quality team members, and to deliver an exceptional cleaning experience to MOLLY MAID customers.
  • Proprietary, easy-to-use software, designed to help you manage your growing business.

You launch your successful cleaning service Franchise by learning the MOLLY MAID System and procedures in a comprehensive one-week training program. We hold annual seminars and bi-annual Conventions that let you expand your business skills and learn from other MOLLY MAID Franchise Owners from all across Canada.

Are you ready to begin your new career as a MOLLY MAID Franchise Owner? Take your next steps here.

If you have what it takes to manage a growing business, find out if there is an opportunity in your area.

Available Locations
It is exciting to be in a company that is so professional and competitive, yet so filled with kindness and caring that you feel like part of the family.
Michele and Ken Yonge (Franchise Owners), Burnaby/New Westminster, BC
I always wanted to be my own boss but I felt starting a new business would be too risky. Then I checked out the franchise opportunity at MOLLY MAID, took the plunge and I haven’t looked back. The company really does give you everything you need to be a successful business owner. I have never regretted my decision to become a MOLLY MAID Franchise Owner. The home cleaning business is a great industry to be in and it is financially rewarding too.
Frank Sullivan (Franchise Owner), Halifax, NS
As a Franchise Owner I have always found Support Office to be extremely helpful and supportive. The MOLLY MAID System is a winning formula, yet they are always open to our ideas to strengthen it further. Couple this with a great network of Franchise Owners who drive their businesses forward by helping and motivating each other and I believe you have a great business opportunity with MOLLY MAID!
Robert Browning (Franchise Owner), North York, ON