So you’ve met someone you think could be your dream partner! Plans have been made, the date set, the menu picked, and the movie chosen. Everything is perfect, except perhaps your living space. According to an online study, 70 percent of men and 66 percent of women said a nice apartment would make them more interested in a potential partner. The same study concluded that the biggest turnoff is a messy apartment (70 percent of male respondents/82 percent of women respondents). A dirty bathroom is almost always a complete deal breaker!

If you’re currently dating, take a deep breath, put on some rubber gloves and heed our advice.

Dirty Dishes are a Turnoff

Dirty dishes piled in the sink are disgusting and smell bad. They’re also seen as a sign of laziness. Be sure to clean, dry and put away every single dish before your date arrives.

Did you know? Dirty dishes are said to be the most likely chore to negatively impact a relationship. So, show you’re ready for serious commitment with a clean kitchen.

Clean Bathrooms are an Aphrodisiac

Dirty bathrooms repulse men and women alike. Hair in the sink, toenails on the floor and an unflushed toilet are unforgivable. Show your date you care. Scrub every visible surface and even those that are not. Toiletries should be minimal or, better yet, put away. And, ensure both soap and a clean towel are readily available to your guest.

Making your Bed is Important

In his renowned commencement speech, Retired U.S. Navy Seal Admiral William H. McCraven told graduates that making their bed every day would impact their overall lifestyle for the better. It sets the tone for the rest of the day, increases productivity, lowers stress and improves your mood. Furthermore, it tells others you are reliable.

Sharing Interests can Lead to Intimacy

Having a few of your prized possessions (books, photos, your new favourite gadget) on display is good. Dates are all about getting to know each other more intimately. These items may show a side of you that your date has never seen before, which may lead to new lines of conversations and inevitably bring you closer together.

Clutter is a Third Wheel

Although sharing a few items of interest is important to reveal a softer side and/or keep the chit chat fluid, you don’t want to go overboard. Too much clutter is distracting, making your home seem messy and unclean. Whatever you do, don’t forget laundry is clutter. Whether it’s clean or dirty, put it away.

Scents Set the Mood

Foul smells are sure to dampen the festivities. So, if your running shoes by the front door emanate a putrid odour, get rid of them. Scent is a crucial part of your date’s first impression of how you live. But remember, too much scent is also a mood killer. Be subtle.



Photo by Pexels