It’s Summer time and the temperature is rising! Rather than heating up in the kitchen, here are some ways to keep your cool at meal time.

  • Take advantage of the nice weather and use your BBQ to cook meals instead of your stove or oven. This will keep the heat outdoors.
  • Serve foods you don’t have to cook such as cold salads, fruits and sandwiches, to keep temperatures down.
  • Plan ahead! Make meals for the week on a cooler day or at night when temperatures are lower. Freeze the meals if necessary. This way on hotter days, you only have to use the microwave to heat them up.
  • Consider using electric skillets indoors. Electric skillets keep temperatures low and don’t release much heat into the kitchen.
  • Use pots and pans with flat bottoms that are the same size as the stove top burner to reduce heat loss into your kitchen.
  • Wash only full loads of dishes to minimize the use of heat producing appliances.
  • Use the energy-saving setting on your dishwasher and let dishes air dry to reduce the heat created by the drying cycle.