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When I became a MOLLY MAID Franchise Owner, I had been cleaning privately for about five years and had always wanted to expand the business. The previous MOLLY MAID Franchise Owner was a good friend of mine, so purchasing the Franchise was the perfect solution for me!

What I really enjoy most about owning a MOLLY MAID Franchise is communicating and building relationships with our customers and staff. I also enjoy building relationships with my suppliers, fellow Franchise Owners and the Support Office personnel. Each relationship gives me the opportunity to gain experience and work in different areas of my business.

A memorable clean was when I received a call from an elderly person who said she was calling for a friend because their home was quite dirty and they were nervous about letting anyone see it. I provided the customer with support and encouraged her friend to accept the help we could happily provide. I assured her that my Home Service Professionals would never judge her friend’s situation, and that they would always remain professional and polite. Our customer eventually admitted the inquiry for cleaning was personally for her – and booked a clean with us. The initial clean of our customer’s home was a lot of work, but our team stepped up and got the job done. And, she was so happy with the clean, that she’s now a regular customer. It’s important to let everyone know that we never judge their situation, and that we are happy to provide them with a professional service so they can enjoy a clean home too!

Brigit Winkler’s Cleaning Tip: Microfibre cloths are a great cleaning tool; they save time, elbow grease and use less cleaning solution.

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Customer Reviews

I first hired MOLLY MAID when my mother got sick. I simply didn’t have the time or energy to clean after taking care of her each day. The MOLLY MAID team that came to clean my home was very professional and thorough and always made sure to cover everything on my priority list. Even after my mother got better, I decided to continue with our regular cleaning schedule. I have been loving the extra time I can now take for myself and the satisfaction of coming home to a clean house.

Susan W., Kelowna, BC

Being a bachelor with a full time job makes cleaning a pretty low priority on my to-do list. Thankfully, MOLLY MAID is able to take care of that part of my life so I can spend time doing the things I enjoy. The service is great! The staff is always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. After a long day, it’s a relief knowing that I have one less thing to worry about.

Tyler G., Kelowna, BC

Hey Brigit! Thank you so much for the wonderful clean yesterday. The kitchen was cleaner than it’s ever been. My husband even commented on how “sparkly” the floors looked. I would love to book another clean for next month. Thank you!

Theresa S., Kelowna, BC

Your team really came to my rescue today. Thank you for fitting me in for a last minute clean. My mother-in-law admired how clean and tidy our house looked. Thanks again, Brigit.

Erika W., Kelowna, BC

Four kids with sticky hands and a husband working in construction, makes keeping my house tidy, very difficult. MOLLY MAID always does a great job at deep cleaning my home, so I only have to do minor cleaning between visits. Brigit is such a sweet woman, and always checks in, to make sure the clean meets my expectations. I’m very happy with the service!

Cindy C., Kelowna, BC

My husband and I have our second home in Kelowna and love taking the summer to enjoy the sunshine. We always have company staying with us, at our Kelowna home, and want to make the most of our time with them. We decided to hire MOLLY MAID to clean our home every week. We couldn’t be more pleased with the consistent service, friendly staff and high standard of cleanliness. Thanks for making our summers relaxing.

Tina W., Kelowna, BC

My company is based out of Winnipeg and therefore, I often commute back and forth between Winnipeg and my home in Kelowna. I never have time to clean while I am away, and decided to hire MOLLY MAID to maintain my home. While I’m away, MOLLY MAID does a wonderful job of dusting, vacuuming and cleaning the kitchens and bathrooms. They even take care of my laundry! Whenever I come home, I know I will be returning to a beautiful, well-maintained home. Thank you!

Isabelle B., Kelowna, BC

A year ago, my mother became very ill and I wanted to help her in some way. I decided to hire MOLLY MAID to clean for her as she was unable to do it herself. The Franchise Owner, Brigit, was such a nice lady who really made sure that my mother was always well taken care of. My mother was constantly telling me how much easier the cleaning team made her life and how nice the girls were. It meant the world to me knowing that she had one less stress in her life.

Troy G., Kelowna, BC

I work out of town, leaving my wife to manage two kids and a 4500 square foot home. Since I can’t be there to help her do the house work, I decided to contact MOLLY MAID to help her out. After the first clean, my wife called and told me that our house was cleaner than it has ever been. She even got to enjoy a nice walk along the water. I could hear the relief in her voice! I called MOLLY MAID again for a second clean the following week. That was two years ago, and we are still gratefully using the service.

Gord M., Kelowna, BC

Hi MOLLY MAID. My name is Sarah and I’m nine. I wanted to thank you for cleaning our house today. Instead of doing chores, we got to play board games and drink apple cider as a family. I hope you come back soon.

Sarah B., Kelowna, BC

After years of feeling unsatisfied with different cleaning companies, nannies and private cleaners, I stumbled on an ad for MOLLY MAID. I called in and was able to book a clean for the same week. The cleaning team was very professional, thorough and really paid attention to detail. I have had a bi-weekly service since and can’t imagine having a different company clean my home.

Margaret B., Kelowna, BC

Thank you for taking the extra time to dust the tops of all of the shelves and wipe out the oven. My joint pain doesn’t allow me to do any difficult cleaning and it’s such a relief knowing that I don’t have to. See you next week!

Sue I., Kelowna, BC

I gave up smoking after 25 years and wanted to get rid of the habit for good. I called MOLLY MAID to do a thorough clean. The Franchise Owner Brigit, suggested that we wash the walls to get some of the smell out. After the team left, I walked into my apartment and felt like a new man. The service really was above and beyond anything I expected. Thanks again.

Rob I., Kelowna, BC

Hi Brigit, Merry Christmas! I just wanted to say what a nice job the girls did cleaning my cupboards. They look so much better! So nice coming home to a clean house! Thank you.

Gail, Kelowna, BC

Hi Brigit, thanks again for doing such an excellent job cleaning our home and for being so accommodating to us. We will definitely recommend your service to others. Thanks again!

Don, Kelowna, BC

Hi Brigit, Thank you for your professionalism. You are a delight to work with!

Tamara T., Kelowna, BC

Hi Brigit. I just wanted to say what a fantastic job the team did cleaning our home this past Friday. It was greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please thank the girls for me! They are lovely.

Dorthy, Kelowna, BC

Please let the team know the house looks great! Excellent cleaning job!

Renee, Kelowna, BC

Thank you for your professionalism. You were a delight to work with! Thank you!

Tamara , Kelowna, BC

Thank you for your help! I reached out to three other cleaning companies before I filled out the online service form on your website. You were the first company to reply! You were a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend MOLLY MAID to anyone that needs their house cleaned. Thanks for your help.

Tyson, Kelowna, BC

I just wanted to let you know that the girls are doing a terrific job cleaning my mom and dads home. My dad cannot say enough kind things about them. They are both extremely please with the service and are really looking forward to their next visit. Thank you so very much for providing such a wonderful service!

Sharon, Kelowna, BC

The ladies did a wonderful job cleaning my home! I really appreciate all of their efforts and attention to detail. Thank you!

Lindsay, Kelowna, BC