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Belleville / Trenton

Franchise Owner Since 1998

I was a MOLLY MAID Office Manager from May to December of 1998 – and that eight months provided me with the confidence I needed to purchase my own MOLLY MAID Franchise. Today, I have a successful business that I am proud of.

The most enjoyable part of being a MOLLY MAID Franchise Owner is interacting with people. I enjoy talking and meeting with customers and staff just as much today as I did in my first year of business. I also enjoy being my own boss and the wonderful lifestyle MOLLY MAID has provided me.

One stand-out story is about an elderly customer whose house we cleaned regularly. One day my team arrived to clean and found our customer on the floor. They called 911 and our customer was taken to the hospital. Although it was an upsetting experience, we still did the clean so they would come home to a clean apartment. I’m happy to say our customer is doing well and is still with MOLLY MAID today – and so appreciative of how we were able to help.

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MOLLY MAID Belleville / Trenton sponsored the Belleville Bearcats girl’s hockey team.

MOLLY MAID Belleville / Trenton participated in the MS Society Walk to help raise awareness.

MOLLY MAID Belleville / Trenton made a donation to the Children’s Wish Foundation.