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North York / Willowdale

Coming from a customer service background, I was excited about the challenge of running my own business with the assistance of Support Office and the well-known, reputable brand name that MOLLY MAID offers.

I enjoy the diversity of being a MOLLY MAID Franchise Owner. You have to be well organized and skilled in managing people, building customer relationships, marketing, bookkeeping, administration and technology.

I am very proud of our Home Service Professionals, as some of our customers require a little bit of extra care – and we proudly deliver that care. For example, one customer is a single senior who is struggling to stay in their home. As well as cleaning the home thoroughly, our Home Service Professional, Ana,  brings the customer take-out lunches, returns their recycling bins into the garage, purchases candy cane hot chocolate (our customer’s favourite) and delivers homemade muffins at Christmas time. Ana enjoys helping in any way she can with the small jobs, all on her own time.

Dritan’s Cleaning Tip: Before the start of any thorough cleaning, de-clutter your home. Recycle extra papers, discard unnecessary items and put household objects back in their proper places. This will let you (or your cleaning service) clean more effectively and efficiently!

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Customer Reviews

My MOLLY MAID team always arrives on time, does a fantastic job and goes above and beyond my expectations

Jeanne B., Toronto, ON


Rowena L., Toronto, ON

Thank you for going the extra mile!

Joyce D., Toronto, ON

Thanks, Faith & Nenita did a great job, I want to book them monthly.

D. Glen, Toronto, ON

Thank you Molly Maid, the girls who clean my home are professional, nice and do a great job.

E. Corso, Toronto, ON

Tracy was magic in the work she does and Val was amazing.

M. Nesbitt, Toronto, ON

Your team continues to provide great service.

J. Lipworth, Toronto, ON

Wow, I’m so impressed. Thank the ladies for me, the job was impeccable.

D. Casole, Toronto, ON

Thanks Robert and Diane, everything is sparkling and looks new. The girls were nice and very professional.

T. Gardner, Toronto, ON

You are doing a great job and we are very happy!

Lamere, Toronto, ON

Your girls did a great job!

N. Lamont, Toronto, ON

Thank You – I love the girls who clean my home!

J. Fitz, Toronto, ON

I’m very comfortable with the Molly Maid team in my house. My home has never looked cleaner!

C. Jacobs, North York, ON

Your team exceeded my expectations and I will definitely call again when I need a good clean!

M. Davido, North York, ON

Fantastic attention to detail. Wonderful job!

T. Joury, Willowdale, ON

The team cleaning my home did a great job!

S. Wallace, North York, ON

The ladies were efficient and did a really good job cleaning.

D. Tyler, North York, ON

Thank you to the team who cleaned my home!  I was happy with their work and they were friendly 🙂  I’d like to continue with Anna and Patricia.  I hope to see them in two weeks.

Michelle, North York, ON

Hi Lediana, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the excellent job the cleaners do for me and my husband. Thank you!


Laura, North York, ON

Hi Lediana, I just got home after my very first clean with MOLLY MAID.  Your team did a great job, thanks!  Please add a $20 tip to the credit card charge as a ‘thank you.’  Can I please have the same team clean my home every time?  Thanks again for the great work!

Carina, North York, ON

Greetings Lediana, I just wanted to mention that the team I have assigned to clean my home are the BEST!  Michelle and her partner are amazing!  It is so nice to come home to a clean house after working all day!   I know it is not an easy job. They deserve more than pats on the back.  I tell them every time I see them that they do a really good job and I’m very happy to have them!

Wanda, North York, ON

Hi Lediana, please send my thanks to Marcella and Diane for the great work they did at my home.  They did an excellent job and if possible, I would like to keep this team for every clean from now on.

Joan, North York

Hi Lediana, just to let you know that Diana and Marcella did a great job.  Please make sure to send the same team for my next clean.  It was nice to practice my Spanish too 🙂  Have a great afternoon!


Linda, North York

Diane and Valerie did a fabulous job today. My puppy had left muddy pawprints on the stairs this morning and everything was gone!  Thank you!!

Kelly, North York

Hi Lediana, I just wanted to let you know how very happy we are with Faith and what a pleasure it is to come home to a spotlessly clean home. Faith is a total star and a great asset to your company.  Cheers 🙂


Birgit, North York

Just wanted to let you know what a great job the team did today.  I love coming home to a clean and tidy home!  Thank you!

Liz-Ann, North York

Hi Lediana, I give your service 10 out of 10.  I was very happy with the team that came to clean the condo.  They worked the entire time at a good pace and they were very thorough.  I couldn’t ask for more.  Thank you.

Marcia, North York, ON

Hi Lediana, I am very pleased with the service.   I would give you a 10 out of 10!

Sondra, North York, ON

We just wanted to say thank you for a great job last visit! Thank you, Lediana and team, for helping to keep our home clean and beautiful!

Martin & Elena, North York, ON

Hi Lediana, the service was great and the team was friendly. A 10 out of 10! Thank you!

Margaret, North York, ON


MOLLY MAID North York is the proud recipient of the Toronto Sun Reader’s Choice Award for “Best Maid Service in Toronto”.  Thank you to all our wonderful customers who voted for MOLLY MAID!

In response to the horrendous tropical storm that hit the Philippines in early November, where several of our staff are from, we sent a monetary donation to assist with the relief efforts. We are also active locally and support the Salvation Army with an annual holiday donation.

MOLLY MAID North York has done it again!  They’ve won the Diamond Reader’s Choice Award for the 11th year straight in the category of ‘Best Maid Service’, as voted in the North York Mirror.  MOLLY MAID North York would like to thank everyone who voted for them!

MOLLY MAID North York will once again participate in the annual Christmas in July Food Drive program to provide food items to people in need within the community through The Salvation Army. The staff at MOLLY MAID North York collect food from their generous customers and help restock food bank shelves at a time when they are often forgotten.

MOLLY MAID North York is a member of the President’s Circle Program, which is designed to recognize Franchise Owners who have grown their business and are consistently sustaining or increasing their top sales.

MOLLY MAID North York is pleased to be awarded 4th Place in a listing of Top Ten Growth Leaders for Quarter 1, 2012.  Congratulations to the entire MOLLY MAID North York team!

MOLLY MAID North York received the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Maid Service Company for the 9th year in a row.

For the 10th year running MOLLY MAID North York has won the prestigious “Best Maid Service Award” based on their great service to customers in North York. The cleaning teams at MOLLY MAID North York go above and beyond and it shows!

MOLLY MAID North York and their customers participated in the national MOLLY MAID Christmas in July Food Drive, with all donations supporting the local Salvation Army.

At the 2004 MOLLY MAID Convention, MOLLY MAID North York won the Quality Service and Value Award for outstanding customer service.