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    Sat & Sun: Closed
  • We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer your calls. Please call us anytime to speak to a live representative.

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Welcome to MOLLY MAID Sudbury. We have been cleaning homes for over 30 years, and we would be honoured to clean yours!

MOLLY MAID is Sudbury’s preferred house cleaning service. All of our house cleaners are professionally trained, bonded and insured.

We use the best cleaning methods and green cleaning products to do the job. The MOLLY MAID Green Housekeeping Program products are healthy and safe for your family and pets as well as the environment.

MOLLY MAID Sudbury house cleaning services are also affordable and flexible. We can provide regular cleaning services, seasonal cleaning services or even move-in or move-out cleans.

MOLLY MAID Sudbury also makes it easy for you; we do not use contracts and we provide a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee of our green cleaning!

Please contact us today for a free, no-obligation, in-home estimate.

And remember: while we clean thousands of homes, when we’re in yours it’s the most important one.

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Customer Reviews

Thank you so much for the move-out clean you did on my home. Alicia and Angelica were fantastic. They were very helpful, attentive and efficient. My sister who was there during the move-out clean, also sends her thanks! Thank you again for an amazing service.

John B., Sudbury, ON

Your team did an amazing job cleaning our home! It was quite an undertaking, so please thank them for us and let them know we are very pleased with their work. Thank you so much for your awesome service.

Carol, Sudbury, ON

Hi Kelsi,

Please let the girls know that both Roland and myself were very please with the cleaning done today. Thank you!

Jane, Sudbury, ON

Thank you, thank you, thank you thank you! I have no other words! It was a joy coming home to a sparkling clean home!

Lynn, Sudbury, ON

My parents were so thrilled with the clean! They are both in their 80’s and have never had the luxury of having someone else clean for them. I’m so happy it worked out! Thank you.

Christine, Sudbury, ON

Thank you for following up! My wife was very pleased with the clean. Thank you.

Happy Customer, Sudbury, ON

The girls did a great job yesterday! I look forward to having a clean home for the holidays. Have a happy holiday!

Sean, Sudbury, ON

Thank you for following up! Everything was fantastic. Have a great holiday!

Heather, Sudbury, ON

I am so happy! I have been waiting for MOLLY MAID cleaning my home for a long time now. Thank you for everything!

Jackie, Sudbury, ON

The girls were here today and they were lovely! Not only did they work hard, but they were also super personable and professional. Thank you!

Cynthia, Sudbury, ON

The girls did a wonderful job cleaning my apartment today; it was spotless! I also really appreciate how wonderful they are with my cat. Thank you!

Mike M, Sudbury, ON

I am so happy! The girls worked really hard and did an excellent job! It was my first time using MOLLY MAID and I was impressed. I will definitely be calling you again. Thank you!

Sabrina C, Sudbury, ON

The cleaning was wonderful! We were SO SO impressed with the teams work. Thank you so much!

Maxime, Sudbury, ON

Everything went great today with Natalie and Meagan! We are very pleased with the service and will definitely be contacting you again in the not-so-distant future. Thank you again!

Hilda, Sudbury, ON

Tracy and Amber just left my home and, as usual, did an absolutely amazing job! I really appreciate all of their help! Thank you.

Mrs. Bailey, Sudbury, ON

The team that cleaned my home did a great job! The place looks great. Thank you.

Brian, Sudbury, ON

I just wanted to take a moment to write to you about the team that has been cleaning our home over the past couple months. Maxime and I couldn’t be happier with the quality work done by your team during each visit. They are amazing at what they do and are incredibly respectful of our personal property, as well as my work space while they are here. Thank you very much for all of the hard work that you and your team do. We couldn’t have asked for a better service.

Jeff, Sudbury, ON

The ladies did a great job! Please thank them for me!

Celeste, Sudbury, ON

Our house is sparkling! Please tell Meagan and Debra they did an awesome job yesterday cleaning our home. Thank you!

Jane, Sudbury, ON

Romana is extremely happy with the cleaning and is very excited to have a clean home for the baby, who is due in two weeks. Thank you so much for your help. We look forward to another cleaning in the near future!

Crystal, Sudbury, ON

I just wanted to let you know that our home looks great! Thank you to you and your team for all of your hard work!

Kathy, Sudbury, ON

The girls that cleaned my home did an amazing job! I am very happy! I will definitely be contacting you again in the near future. Thank you!

Tanya, Sudbury, ON

Oh my goodness! My house looks spectacular! I love, love, love it! Please thank the team for me. They did an excellent job. I would love to have them as my regular cleaning team, once a month. I don’t even want to cook, my house is so clean! Thank you so much again, this is the best feeling. I really appreciate everything the girls did. Thank you!

Carin, Sudbury, ON

Thank you for the cleaning that was done on our home yesterday.  Between me being 37 weeks pregnant, and my husband working a lot, the house has gotten quite messy, so we really appreciate the cleaning! The girls did a very good job, and we are very pleased. I will definitely be calling you again in the next month! Thank you.

Stephanie, Sudbury, ON

The team that cleaned my home just left, and I could not be happier with the service. The girls were very nice and did a great job cleaning my home! With my recent open heart surgery, I haven’t been able to do much cleaning, so having the girls here to help was wonderful. Thank you!

Marion, Sudbury, ON

My wife and I are very, very, very, very happy with the clean! We loved it! Thank you.

Ken, Sudbury, ON

The ladies were great and did a fantastic job cleaning my home. Thanks again!

Chris, Sudbury, ON

I am completely satisfied with the cleaning! Thank you.

Howard, Sudbury, ON

On a scale from 1 to 10, I would rate my clean a 10! The house was very clean when I got home. My wife was very surprised and excited to come home to a nice clean house and relax before work. Thank you!

KC, Sudbury, ON

The girls did a great job cleaning my home. Well done!

Tina, Sudbury, ON

The team was fantastic! Thank you so much!

Robyn, Sudbury, ON

The girls were lovely. They did a beautiful job cleaning my home. I will definitely be calling you again in the near future! Thank you!

Lidia, Sudbury, ON

Everything went great today! The house looks awesome. I don’t think my house has been this clean in years! Thank you very much for the great service.

Becky, Sudbury, ON

The ladies that cleaned my home were wonderful! I will definitely be contacting you again if we need of another cleaning. I was very pleased with the service. Thank you again!

Alyson, Sudbury, ON

We were very satisfied with the clean. Since it was our first cleaning with MOLLY MAID, we had many questions about the service. You and the team were able to provide us with all of the answers we needed. Thank you.

Roch, Sudbury, ON

The cleaning went great today! We’re very pleased. Thank you!

Hilda, Sudbury, ON

The ladies did a great job today.  I really appreciate you fitting me into the schedule on such short notice. Thank you!


Valerie, Sudbury, ON

I was very happy with the cleaning. I really like how you use environmentally friendly products. Its nice coming home to a clean house that doesn’t smell of strong chemicals. Thank you!

Pamela, Sudbury, ON

I am very pleased with the cleaning that was done on my home yesterday. The ladies were absolutely wonderful. I am so pleased to have you cleaning my home. Thank you!

Dorothy, Sudbury, ON

I must say, this is the best team I’ve ever had clean my home. They did an excellent job and work so well together! Thank you!

Jane, Sudbury, ON

Our MOLLY MAID services was definitely a 10/10. It was so nice coming to a clean office this morning. Thank you again!

Jody, Sudbury, ON

Please thank you ladies for doing such a wonderful job cleaning my home. They made my house sparkle yet again! I love coming home after the ladies have been here. Please pass along my appreciation to them. Thank you!

Carin, Sudbury, ON

I have used MOLLY MAID service for years and have always been happy with the work that you have done. For that I say thanks!

For the last few months I have been going through some medical issues. It has been a difficult time for me. I have a large family and being sick does not stop life from going on. My kids have active lives, I have 2 dogs and even though mom is down and out, the world has to keep on spinning.

This last month has been the most difficult. We had to move forward with our kitchen renovation coupled with hospital visits. It’s been a rough couple of months.

I held off calling Molly Maid until I thought the ongoing renos were done but that meant going a few extra weeks without a clean house. It actually turned out that the contractors were leaving the house just as Joanne and her team arrived. I had a follow-up apt that day and left the house during the cleaning. When I came home I started to cry. My renos were done and my house was finally clean.

I’m sending this email to make sure that you guys know how much your services mean to people. I try to keep my home organized and clean but with a 50 hour work week, raising 4 kids, 2 dogs and my children living a very active lifestyle – I can’t keep up. The work that your ladies do for me is something I truly appreciate. Especially the little details like picking up things that are out of place, loving my dogs even though they eat your feather dusters (and at times, your lunch) and often having to work around my kids.

I don’t know if your teams realize how much their work  means to me. The effort they put into making my home better is something that truly matters to me. So, thank-you to those wonderful ladies that took the time to improve my home on that difficult day – your efforts mattered to me. I truly appreciate you and all the work you do.


Cristiann, Sudbury, ON

We absolutely loved the service! The team was very friendly. Thank you so much!

Emily, Sudbury, ON

I just wanted to let you know that our house looked great when I got home today. It was perfect. Thank you!

Mary-K, Sudbury, ON

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your team is.   They are very personable, do a great job and always go above and beyond what I would expect them to do in my home.  Thank you for all of your help.

Gen, Sudbury, ON

I wanted to take a moment to give praise to the team that has been cleaning our home. They continue to amaze me with their amazing attention to detail, and their positive attitude whenever we speak! Jen  always does tremendous work, and has gone above and beyond in her services.

My wife, and I would like to thank them for their amazing work, and look forward seeing them more!

Tim, Sudbury, ON

The cleaning went very well. The team was pleasant and very professional. Thank you for sending me the ‘A’ Team.

Alan, Sudbury, ON

I was extremely pleased with the cleaning. It was far beyond my expectations. I would absolutely recommend your service and will definitely be using MOLLY MAID again in the near future. Thank you!

Courtney, Sudbury, ON

The cleaning was phenomenal! I am so so so, pleased and am happy that I chose MOLLY MAID to clean my home. Thank you for taking my calls and for accommodating my last minute requests. I look forward to using your service again! Thank you!

Candace, Sudbury, ON

The team did an excellent job cleaning my home. Thank you!

Kim, Sudbury, ON

We are very satisfied with the service! It was nice to come home to a spotless house. Please extend my gratitude to the team. I can tell they worked very hard. Thanks again.

Michael, Sudbury, ON

The clean was great! It was so nice coming home to a fresh clean house!Thank you!

Lisa, Sudbury, ON

Erin, just wanted to let you know that the girls did a wonderful job on my floors and I am truly satisfied with the service. A great big thank you to Tracy and Chantal. I look forward to the next visit on the 18th.

Pat, Sudbury, ON

Just wanted to thank you and your team for such great customer service. The team did an amazing job with my parents house. They were very professional and thorough. Thanks so much for accommodating our schedule that day.

Tara, Sudbury, ON

The clean was a 10/10, I am very satisfied! The main bathroom is spotless! Thank you!

Ana, Sudbury, ON

How sweet it is to come home to a nice clean house! Thank you Kelsi and Erin. Looking forward to seeing the team in two weeks! Thanks!

Patricia, Sudbury, ON

Hello Erin!

I would like to thank you for making my life easier! I’m very satisfied with the service; a 9 plus for sure! Looking forward to your next visit. Thanks again!

France, Sudbury, ON

Hi Erin,

The cleaning went better than I could have hoped for. The ladies were/are fabulous, did a phenomenal job, and are welcome back in my home any time!

Thanks for the great service!

Sandy, Sudbury, ON

Your girls did a fantastic job. I will definitely be using your services again soon! Thank you.

Brett, Sudbury, ON

Hi Erin, thanks so much for the clean! The house looks great and the help was much appreciated! Hope everyone there has a lovely Christmas!

Kim , Sudbury, ON

The team that services my home is very personable and accommodating.  Being visually impaired, it is important that they communicate with me and put everything back in its place.  Thank you for all of your assistance over the years!

Diane, Sudbury, ON

Hi Erin,

I cried when I got home. What an amazing job the team did. It relieved so much stress. I would love to schedule bi-weekly cleanings with you. Thank you again!

Ginette , Sudbury, ON

Your team showed up today at 11:30 am and did their usual high quality clean. Please accept my thanks for accommodating my needs in such a timely fashion. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship in the new year. Best wishes to you and your team during the holiday season.

Jacques , Sudbury, ON

The clean was fantastic and the girls were awesome. Thank you for fitting us in. Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Angela, Sudbury, ON


Thank you for your follow up. The team did a great job! I would love to discuss the possibility of continuing services with MOLLY MAID. Could we set up an in-home estimate in the new year? Thanks again!


Nicole, Sudbury, ON

I am really impressed with the job your team did, after we had to evict our tenant. The tenant had left the apartment a mess, but your team did excellent work to clean it all!

A.P., Sudbury, ON

Just want to let you know how pleased both Dad and I are with the results. A 10 on your scale. The house shines again! My Dad could not comment enough as to how professional and hard working both Deborah and Marissa were. He was very comfortable having them in the house. You cannot believe the peace of mind that I now have, knowing that the cleaning chores are being taken off. The cleaner you used on the cupboards has them looking like new. Thank you again!

G.L, Sudbury, ON

The team did an excellent job. Thanks for the prompt service.

R.B, Sudbury, ON

Your cleaning service was a 10 and everything was awesome!

M.M, Sudbury, ON

I am very happy and very impressed with the cleaning that the ladies did on the 26th. My place looks fantastic and they went above and beyond my expectations. I will be using your service again!

C.L., Sudbury, ON

The cleaning team was very courteous and polite – and wow what a great job they did. We were overly pleased with the service and would definitely like a regular cleaning.

M.M., Sudbury, ON

Your service is just wonderful. The work your team does every time is always so well done. Thank you once again!

A.S., Sudbury, ON

The birthday gift was a huge hit; thank you so much. My mom felt so special! She says the house is so clean and smells so clean too. The flowers were beautiful and another BIG thank you for that. You guys are the best!

K.F., Sudbury, ON

Thank you for the excellent service, it was above and beyond.

D.K, Sudbury, ON

Very happy coming home to a nicely cleaned house. They did a great job!

Anita, Sudbury, ON

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate my service a 10! Very happy! Thank you.

Minnie, Sudbury, ON

My mom and I would like to thank Erin and her partner today. The place looks great! Thank you so much! We would also like to get a spring cleaning done in May!

Melissa, Sudbury, ON

Wonderful service! Sooooo happy when I came home to a spotless home!

Minnie, Sudbury, ON

I am very pleased with the service received. The ladies were right on time and did an excellent job of cleaning up. Thanks again for the wonderful service.

Brenda, Sudbury, ON

My cleaning service was definitely a 10, our house has never been so clean.  Awesome job!! So glad I signed up for monthly service. Thank you so much!!

Tammy, Sudbury, ON

Just to let you that I am very satisfied with the work that Tracy and Manon did.  I will recommend them to my family and friends.  Thank you again for the great service.

Linda, Sudbury, ON

I’m very pleased with the team that is currently cleaning my home.  They work well together, do a very good job, and are overall, very professional.

Sheila, Sudbury, ON

The clean was all good!  The ladies were very nice and kind, and helped me with anything I asked, as I’m pregnant.  It is very much appreciated 🙂

Sheila, Sudbury, ON

Thank you so much for accommodating me.  It was greatly appreciated.  The young ladies were very polite, professional and also willing to accommodate.  I will definitely contact you when I need a special-occasion clean.

Cathy, Sudbury, ON

Enjoying a quiet evening at home in my sparkling clean house.  After several years of me not being well, I needed a reset on my house.  The fine folks at MOLLY MAID were up to the challenge and did a great job!  What a great gift to myself!  I feel like I just got back hours of my summer that I can use having fun!  Thanks, Erin!

Sandra, Sudbury, ON

Hello Erin,

My experience was fabulous.  Your employees were fantastic and my house is so lovely.  Thank you.

I also want to thank you for getting in touch with me so quickly!  I just heard today from one of the other companies I contacted and still haven’t heard from the other!  Your customer service is A++ (and I told them so!)



Shana, Sudbury, ON

Hello Kelsi,

We returned home last night and were very pleasantly surprised with what a great job your team did!

My husband and I were discussing what a quote would be for service every month, for floors, the kitchen and bathrooms at our home.  I would also be happy to discuss with you further on what that could look like.


Randi, Sudbury, ON

Hello Kelsi,

Thank you so much for a great service!  When we need our next cleaning, I will definitely be contacting you!

Best Regards,


Imani, Sudbury, ON

Good morning Kelsi,

As always, the cleaning was above and beyond my expectations.  It’s such a pleasure to arrive home to a clean house and so well done.

Thank you.

Courtney, Sudbury, ON

Hi, MOLLY MAID came to my home for the first time this week and I give them a 10!  They cleaned things like my blinds and above the doors.  The ladies were friendly, they made sure I was satisfied before they left and they asked that I make a note of the things they may have missed.  Both my husband and I were very happy with the great job they did and I even posted about my experience on Facebook.  This is a perfect gift for those who are so difficult to buy for.  Why not purchase a MOLLY MAID gift certificate for your parents or your wife?  It’s a great gift!  That way, they won’t have to worry about cleaning their house during or before the holidays.  Thank you!

Sandra, Sudbury, ON

Hello Ladies, I am amazed that you can keep your fees so low!  With cars on the road and travel time, it surprises me that you can operate for your price.  When your team comes to my house, I am stunned by how fast they work and how thoroughly they do the job.  Thanks!
– Sheila

Sheila, Sudbury, ON

Hi Kelsi, thank you for sending my favourite team to clean my home!  Adelle and Arianna do a fantastic job, and they are both so personable.  I feel like they are family and I appreciate them so much.  They always make my day and I look forward to seeing them again at my next clean.  Keep up the great work!

– Patricia

Patricia , Sudbury, ON

Thank you!  The team did a great job!

Stacy, Sudbury, ON

Thank you!  The team worked so hard and they did a great job!

Cindy, Sudbury, ON

The house looks amazing! Thank you so much, it’s gleaming!

Paule, Sudbury, ON

Hi Erin, the end result was fantastic! Let the team know I appreciate their hard work and that they did an amazing job!   I will most definitely will recommend your services. Thank you,

Alyssia, Sudbury, ON

We were extremely impressed with the cleaning job done by your staff! We are so glad we choose to use your service. Giving it a rating would be a 10-10. I’m not sure anything could have been improved – the house was sparkling and we look forward to continued service.


Everything was wonderful. The girls worked so hard and were extremely friendly.  I was so pleased and will be sure to share my wonderful experience with Molly Maid. Thank you!

Cathy, Sudbury


Congratulations to MOLLY MAID Sudbury for winning the silver award for the Canadian Franchise Association’s inaugural Franchisee of the Year Award in the non-traditional category at the Canadian Franchise Association’s 2019 Convention in Niagara Falls, Ontario!  2019 is the inaugural year for the annual Franchisee of the Year Award and MOLLY MAID Sudbury was recognized for their unique accomplishments and excellence in business performance, community service and involvement in the MOLLY MAID Brand.

Congratulations to MOLLY MAID Sudbury for winning Sudbury’s ‘Favourite Maid Service’ again this year! MOLLY MAID Sudbury has won this award consecutively, since the Sudbury Star began its Readers Choice Award program in 2003.

MOLLY MAID Sudbury participated in the MS Walk this May at Adamsdale Park in Sudbury.

MOLLY MAID Sudbury once again partnered with the Salvation Army to collect new and gently used jackets for those in need in the greater Sudbury area. With the assistance of their loyal customers, MOLLY MAID Sudbury was able to surpass their 2015 record, and donated over 150 new and gently used jackets to the Salvation Army.

View the full article here:

MOLLY MAID Sudbury sponsored the Colours for Hope 5K run on Saturday, October 17th, 2015 at the Moonlight Beach and Lake Laurentian Conservation Area. The Colours for Hope 5K run raised over $27,000 dollars in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.

MOLLY MAID Sudbury partnered with the Salvation Army to collect new and gently used jackets for the less fortunate in their community. With the help of their customers, MOLLY MAID Sudbury was able to collect and donate approximately 150 jackets to the Salvation Army in Sudbury!

View the full article here:

MOLLY MAID Sudbury supports the Canadian Diabetes Association and their Tribute to Abba which takes place March 2014.

MOLLY MAID Sudbury has been the gracious recipient of Sudbury’s “Favorite Maid Service” award from the Sudbury Star for the last 9 years in a row!

MOLLY MAID Sudbury supports the Living Pensioners Hockey Club.

MOLLY MAID Sudbury contributes to the Police Retirees of Ontario ‘Hero Bear’ Campaign.

MOLLY MAID Sudbury is excited to support the ‘Healing Hands Busy Book’ program at the Sudbury Regional Hospital.

MOLLY MAID Sudbury very proudly supports the Children’s Community Network.

MOLLY MAID Sudbury sponsors the local Kiwanis Club.

MOLLY MAID Sudbury in a sponsor of the Sudbury ‘Better Beginnings, Better Futures’ program.

MOLLY MAID Sudbury is a proud supporter of the “Win a Wish, Build Strong Kids” program at YMCA Sudbury.

MOLLY MAID Sudbury is a member of the President’s Circle Program, which is designed to recognize Franchise Owners who have grown their business and are consistently sustaining or increasing their top sales.

At the 2012 MOLLY MAID Convention, Lisa Ashley, owner of MOLLY MAID Sudbury, achieved the Brand Ambassadors Award.  This award is presented to a Franchise Owner who engages the media to provide consumers with helpful cleaning tips and organization tricks.  So far in 2012 Lisa has been featured at multiple information sessions at the Greater  Sudbury Public Library:

  • Decluttering and Organizing
  • Spring Cleaning and Evironmental Cleaning Products
  • Dealing with Bugs and Nits

MOLLY MAID Sudbury is a proud sponsor of Stampede Days, in support of the Sudbury Volunteer Fire Fighters.

MOLLY MAID Sudbury is pleased to donate to the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada.

MOLLY MAID Sudbury is a proud sponsor of the Healing Hands magazine for the Sudbury Regional Hospital.