When the days start getting longer, you know it’s time to throw open the windows and get down to spring cleaning.
One way to start is to clean all windows both inside and out, take down the drapes and curtains, and wash or send off to be dry cleaned.

Start by making a great all-purpose window cleaner by combining a quarter cup of vinegar, half a teaspoon of liquid soap or detergent, and two cups of water in a spray bottle. Shake to blend and spray on your windows. Give them a scrub and wipe clean with newsprint.

This is the time to get down to basics in the kitchen and move your stove and fridge to clean the wall, the floor and a good all­ around external scrub of both appliances; remember to vacuum the rear coils of the fridge while you have access. The kitchen ceiling and walls should be dusted and all nicks and scuffs either repaired or cleaned.

A paste of baking soda and water is great for cleaning walls where you need a bit of abrasion to remove scuffs; this is also an effective sink and pots and pans scrubber.

Dig out the dungeon under the sink and carefully take all the toxic cleaners to the local depot that handles such items. Moving on to the bathrooms, you need to first vacuum the walls and ceiling, not forgetting the fans and vents and, if they need it, wash down all the walls. Do an audit of your medicine cabinet and check all medicines for expiry dates.

Take down the shower curtain and wash and consider replacing the liner for a fresh one. Give the sink, toilet, tub and shower stall a top-to-bottom scrub, paying particular attention to grout- if it is really grungy, you may consider cleaning, then applying a skim coat of new grout. You will be amazed at the difference clean, fresh grout makes to a bathroom. Finally, this is the time to get down on all fours and clean the floor.

On to bedrooms: strip the beds of everything, mattress covers and bed skirts included. Once stripped, vacuum both box spring and mattress, then flip the mattress or, if you have a pillow-top mattress, flip top to bottom. Remove pillow protectors and wash and give your pillows a spin in a hot dryer to both fluff up feathers and kill mites. The rest of the house is a repeat of cleaning, scrubbing, and checking for places that need repair as you go.

Don’t forget the exterior of the house. Check the roof for loose tiles, dean out the gutters and inspect the foundation and drainage systems. Make sure the entrance to your home is still inviting by freshening verandas and stairs, giving your front door a fresh coat of paint if needed, and polishing up the hardware.

When cleaning, many people try to avoid harsh chemicals, keeping the environment in mind. A well-known cleaning service, Molly Maid, has been eco-friendly for five years.

“We changed over to eco-friendly products in 2005 and formally introduced our Green Housekeeping system in 2008 throughout the company,’ says Molly Maid Vice President and General Manager Aaron Abrams.

“This program has been extremely successful and popular with all our clients from a broader environmental perspective and they want to know their families are not being exposed to harmful chemicals.’

– Maggie Calloway

To learn more about the MOLLY MAID Green Housekeeping Program, visit the Green Housekeeping page on their website.



MOLLY MAID was founded in Mississauga, Ontario, in 1979. From its early beginnings, MOLLY MAID has gone on to clean homes in seven countries on three continents including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Portugal. MOLLY MAID is the largest Canadian-based cleaning company in the world.

MOLLY MAID offers a guaranteed, flexible and affordable residential cleaning service. Staff are fully insured and bonded, work in teams of two and arrive in MOLLY MAID branded vehicles, bringing with them all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies.

For more information contact Aaron Abrams at 1-800-663-6243 or aabrams@mollymaid.ca