Give Mom a break for her special day and clean the house!  Have the family pitch in with some easy how-to tips for the domestically challenged. The MOLLY MAID cleaning experts show us how:

How to get started – assemble a bucket of supplies to clean the entire home (all purpose cleaner, tile/grout cleaner and a toilet bowl cleaner).

How to clean windows/mirrors – a drop of dish soap, some vinegar and water, dry with newspapers or a microfibre cloth.

How to damp dust – with a microfibre cloth spritzed with water.

How to  clean the toilet bowl – vinegar and a few swishes with the brush is all it takes.

How to use vacuum parts – for cobwebs, baseboards, fabric furniture and lamp shades.

How to leave a lasting impression – light a scented candle or gather some blooms from the garden.

For greater detail on the above cleaning tips, check out the MOLLY MAID Blog.


MOLLY MAID was founded in Mississauga, Ontario, in 1979. From its early beginnings, MOLLY MAID has gone on to clean homes in seven countries on three continents including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Portugal. MOLLY MAID is the largest Canadian-based cleaning company in the world.

MOLLY MAID offers a guaranteed, flexible and affordable residential cleaning service. Staff are fully insured and bonded, work in teams of two and arrive in MOLLY MAID branded vehicles, bringing with them all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies.

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