Above, Terri Gale and Allison Mallory of Molly Maid Peterborough / Lindsay deliver over 500 pounds of food to Joanne Minaker, Executive Director of Peterborough Salvation Army Community Services, on Tuesday, July 14th. “It was great timing for the Molly Maid Christmas in July food drive. During the summer months we have a higher demand […]

July 14th, 2009|

MOLLY MAID Christmas in July Food Drive

MOLLY MAID and their customers are excited to be participating in ‘Christmas in July’, an effort to help restock depleted food bank shelves this summer.

“We are seeing increases in demand in our Food Banks of 30% or higher in some areas over this time last year. Given the economy, we are seeing more people in […]

July 3rd, 2009|

MOLLY MAID Sweeping in to Help Food Bank

Molly Maid is sweeping in to help re-stock depleted food bank shelves across Canada.

The residential cleaning franchise, founded in Mississauga nearly 30 years ago, is collecting food donations from customers for its annual Christmas in July food drive. The goods will help address a growing need in numerous communities across the country.

Andrew Burditt, Salvation Army […]

July 3rd, 2009|

MOLLY MAID Releases Cleaning Handbook

Looking for an easy-to-follow guide to make every type of living space beautiful? With over 30 years of experience, MOLLY MAID knows that cleaning doesn’t have to be daunting. From multiple-bedroom houses and bachelor apartments to dorm rooms, and cottages, The MOLLY MAID Cleaning Handbook explains realistic, simple methods to add sparkle to any space.

In The […]

May 26th, 2009|

Dirty Little Secrets about your Home

Many people think that the bathroom toilet seat is the place in the home with the most disease-causing germs. In fact, the kitchen is the hottest spot for germs but every room in the house presents its own set of challenges.

In the bedroom, for example, dust mites mostly live in mattresses, pillows and carpets. They […]

March 24th, 2009|

Wanted: Winter Coats to Replenish Salvation Army’s Stockpile

Too many coats clogging up your closet?

You can get your Molly Maid cleaner to take them off your hands and help put them on the backs of those in need.

The near constant cold weather compounded by the recession has doubly affected the Salvation Army’s coat donation stockpile.

“This time of year is when thrift stores would […]

January 31st, 2009|