There’s nothing worse than getting invited to a pool opening party and not being able to find your favourite bathing suit, swim trunks or flip-flops. Or worse, finding them crumpled in heaps emanating a foul stench that can never be washed away. Now that summer break’s over, and the kids are back at school, it’s time to gather up all the swim essentials so they can be properly washed and stored.

Washing & Drying Instructions

Hot water and chlorine are hard on swimwear. A good quality bathing suit, bikini or swim trunks are hard to find, so when you find the perfect one(s) you’ll want them to last a long time. Follow the washing label on your suit, and keep these steps in mind to prolong the life of your swimwear.

  • Start by gently wringing out the water in your swimwear. Being too harsh can damage fibres and shorten its lifespan.
  • The best way to dry your swimwear is to lay it on a towel, roll it up and gently squeeze.
  • Once you’ve wrung out the water, lay your swimwear out to dry in the shade. It’s important to give it adequate time to dry. It takes about 24 hours for Spandex to bounce back.
  • Keep in mind that leaving swimwear to bake in the sun will cause colours to fade.

Keep Them Flippy

Flip flops are a summer essential. Available in an array of colours, you may have more than one pair. But whether you have 2 or 20, this foam footwear will need a wash before storing away for next year.

  • Mix a little baking soda and water to create a powerful cleansing scrub.
  • Spread this mixture on the outsole bed of the flip-flop.
  • Now, using an old toothbrush and a little elbow grease, clean away the dirt and grime.
  • Rinse while scrubbing.
  • Now flip the flops, using the mixture on the insole to fully freshen the flip-flops and make them look like new!

PRO TIP: Get into the habit of hand washing and rinsing your swimwear, goggles, masks, pool toys and flip-flops after every exposure to chlorinated waters. Chlorine is a chemical made to kill bacteria. It will quietly and slowly attack any and all bacteria found on your swim gear and shorten its lifespan. 



Photo by Irkata