Customer Reviews - Chatham

I have MOLLY MAID service on a weekly basis and I just want to say thanks for sending my special team. They work well together, getting right to their cleaning routine.

William J., Chatham, ON

Every week I am very pleased with the professionalism of the MOLLY MAID staff. Little extras are always appreciated, such as emptying out the coffee pot and cleaning out the toaster crumbs

Carol F., Chatham, ON

When MOLLY MAID comes I look forward to having a break from my regular routine.

Margaret S., Chatham, ON

I am very pleased with the MOLLY MAID team that cleans my home. They always do an excellent job. I love coming home to my clean house!

Heather L., Chatham, ON

The girls were such angels when it came to cleaning my detailed chandelier.

Lynn F., Chatham, ON
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