Customer Reviews - Lion's Bay

MOLLY MAID is awesome! They do a great job every time and I couldn’t be happier.

Ethan, North Vancouver, BC

Our Team comes every two weeks on the same day with smiles and everything they need to clean my home. When they are finished I feel a huge sense of relief as the cleaning is done which gives me some free time.

Sandra, North Vancouver, BC

Karen, the owner, is wonderful to deal with. She is always helpful in accommodating our requests and I never feel rushed off the phone. I couldn’t live without my MOLLY MAID service.

Betty, West Vancouver, BC

I am so pleased with the team that comes to my house each week. They do a fabulous job. I also have to say that the thoughtfulness of the Remembrance Day card I received brought me close to tears. MOLLY MAID truly shows they care about their customers.

Joyce, North Vancouver, BC