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My MOLLY MAID service was outstanding! The team did such a thorough job cleaning my home. Make sure you hold onto these two girls, they are wonderful! I know their success has a lot to do with your training. I would definitely rate the quality of my service a 10 out of 10. Thank you!

PF, Ottawa Central, ON

Hi Veronique,

I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your team’s work at my house today, and all of the days they have come here.

Here is my praise of Sharon and Mariam.  In my own job, I have performance evaluations.  I can get “does not meet expectations,” “meets expectations,” or “exceeds expectations.” All of the teams you have sent to my home have done a good job. I have never had any complaints.  But this new team far exceeds expectations.  Clearly, the team leader, Sharon, loves her job, loves to work, and loves doing a great job.

Every time they leave,  I am overwhelmed with how much they did, how clean it all is, and how nothing was missed.  I am so grateful.  On top of that, they are really nice people.  They are kind to me and to the people they meet at my house.

This is not to say that the other teams were not.  I have liked all of your teams.  It is just that Sharon is special.  Her whole personality and work ethic just blend together to form an amazing service provider.  She cares deeply about others, so she does a great job for them.  She also cares about herself, so she does the job that will make her feel awesome at the end of a workday.  Her attitude and work ethic distinguish her.  I hope you never lose her.  This lady will excel in any job she chooses.

My sister-in-law keeps trying to get me to hire her cleaning service provider, who is self-employed and cheaper.  I have never wanted to switch cleaners because I know your employees get employment benefits (CPP, EI, minimum wage at least, as well as vacation).  These things are important to me, so I am willing to pay more for that.  But now, with Sharon and Mariam cleaning my home, I really don’t want to leave Molly Maid.  I do not want to lose this particular team. (I know I might, because of operational requirements.  But if you ever do need to send me a new team, please send me one that Sharon has trained personally :))))

Finally, I mean no disrespect to any of the other teams that have come to my house.  They have all been great.  I loved seeing them, and their attitude and happiness always put me in a great mood.

Thanks very much, Shauna.

Shauna, Ottawa Central, ON

I’ve been meaning to ask you to pass on this feedback to your team for awhile now.  My son and I absolutely ADORE how the team poses my son’s stuffed animals in his bedroom. Whenever we get home on Tuesday evenings after a clean, he races to his room to see what the animals are doing. We enjoy and appreciate the creativity. I will also pass this on to the team in the form of a card, but I wanted you to know how great they are!

Alison, Ottawa Central, ON

I just wanted to send an email to thank Sharon for the lovely job she did last week at my house.  Thank you!

Gracie, Ottawa Central, ON

Words cannot express how fabulous a job Stephanie and Sandra did yesterday on my house. They truly went the extra mile, knowing I’m selling the house and it needed to look sparkling. They achieved that in spades.


David, Ottawa Central, ON
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