Customer Reviews - Toronto Downtown

We cannot thank you enough for your prompt and professional service! You guys have truly been great! Thank you again for your patience. You went above and beyond our expectations. I will be going on Yelp and giving you guys an outstanding review! You deserve it! Thanks again Marla for your unbelievable patience and professionalism! I wish you and your business all the best!

Sarah, Toronto, ON

I am Jared, Suzy’s son. I live in the unit downtown that was cleaned on Thursday. Corina and Cassy did an absolutely spectacular job in my apartment. I am very pleased with the job they did! As for follow up appointments, for the foreseeable future, could I please schedule the team for bi-weekly visits. It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you again!

Jared, Toronto, ON

I admit that we had been inquiring with other cleaning services in the area, and no other company has been on-the-ball like you. We would like to go with MOLLY MAID and book a cleaning for early next week. Thanks so much for your follow-up and customer service. It really does make a difference.

Beth, Toronto, ON

What an amazing job the two ladies did at our family home today. I am extremely pleased. I did the final walk around and couldn’t believe the house could look as good as it did. The ladies were professional, considerate, understanding and most obliging to my requirements. They finished the job in under 2 1/2 hrs. I thought it would take longer. I can’t thank you enough Marla for sending me these ladies. I’m going to convince my brother to use them for his apt. I will let you know. Sincere thanks for an extremely well done job.

Danuta , Toronto, ON

Good Morning Marla. Both Don and I decided that I would write to you today to let you know what an excellent job the team did cleaning my home yesterday. Everything was excellent. The kitchen and bathroom sparkled; they did not miss anything.  The floors were very clean as well. Thank you for all your hard work and for always looking after us.

Fran, Toronto, ON
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