Too many or too few closets can be a blessing or a curse, especially when you’re packing for a last-minute business trip or vacation. We’ve got a fabulous hack that will help you get to the airport faster, and keep your closet tidy all year long. It’s such a simple trick, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it since you bought your first suitcase. Ready for the big reveal? Here goes: you need to keep your luggage packed – all the time!

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Even if you travel first-class, there are no guarantees you’ll finally get the well-earned cat nap, or restful night’s sleep you’ve been needing. Some hotels are noisy, some airplane rides are rowdy, and some travel companions talk too much. Pack doubles of your favourite earplugs and sleeping mask and don’t forget your over the ear headphones and earbuds. Although you can’t control the world around you, you can arm yourself with easy ways to turn down the volume.

24 Inconvenience

Although there are 24-hour grocery stores and pharmacies in many places around the world, you never know what the weather gods and re-route changes have in store for you. If there’s something you can’t live without, pack it in your carry on. After every trip, do an inventory of your first aid kit, and top up ointments, bandages or the one-and-only bug itch cream your body responds to.

Nice to Haves

Having creature comforts at your fingertips is important, whether you’re needing to show up for a breakfast meeting with a potential new client or you get invited on a last-minute snorkeling adventure. Some of the items that people forget to pack vary from: travel chargers & adaptors,  hair straightener, clothesline and clothes pegs, snorkel and mask, sunglasses, sunhat, shawl, scarf and a favourite pen to fill out declaration forms. Always keep your can’t-live-withouts packed in your suitcase even when it’s just sitting in the closet.

Stylish Eco Ambassador

These days, plastic shopping bags are shunned the world over because they pollute the oceans and hurt wildlife. And in our humble opinion, they’ve never been stylish in the least. Whether you’re travelling in an urban setting or rural environment, you’ll likely need a bag or two to carry groceries or convenience store items. Leave a bunch of reusable shopping bags in your suitcase (the ones that scrunch up and fold into a tiny little pouch are ideal).

By permanently keeping all your travel needs stowed away in your luggage, you’ll feel much more organized. Odds and ends only needed for trips will be where you need them when you need them, and packing will be a breeze!



Photo by Pixabay