Summer may be over, but this year, keep your beach coolers, insulated tote bags and collapsible cooler baskets handy throughout the fall and winter. Coolers are specifically designed in all shapes and sizes to help improve all areas of our lives. The benefits are endless!

Stick to the Savings Goal

Always be ready to take advantage of sales on items that need to be kept frozen or cool, like ice cream, frozen pizzas, fish and dairy products. If you have a car with room in the trunk, permanently keep a hard cooler there. If you’ve got a small car, collapsible coolers are a fab out-of-sight, out-of-mind option. If you walk, bike or use public transit, take along insulated totes and a couple gel ice packs (which are lighter than the rigid ones).

Stick to the Food Plan

It’s close to impossible to make healthy food choices in a food court or when you’re on-the-go. The only way to ensure that you fuel up according to your plan is by packing your lunch, snacks and drinks. Even if you work somewhere where there’s access to a fridge, it may be full or stinky.  Luckily, there are endless options when it comes to insulated lunch bags. Keeping your gourmet salads, smoothies, fruit and reusable water bottle cool has never been easier.

Stick to your Charming Ways 

Some homes are designed specifically for endless hosting, with two fridges, a deep freezer full of ice, an ice maker and a wine fridge – or two. Even if your home doesn’t come with all those bells and whistles, you can DIY the bar so it’s welcoming, and super abundant. Hard coolers are ideal for this scenario. Use one for beer, another for non-alcoholic drinks, and keep one available for the hardcore bring-your-own-beverage types who always arrive with their specialty drinks. White wines, rosés and sparkling water can be placed in the fridge, or if you have room in the sink, make an ice bath for them so it’s easy for guests to serve themselves.

Pro Tip: Cleaning your beach coolers, thermal lunch bags and insulated shopping totes is easy. Rinse them out with water and, using a microfibre cloth, scrub their insides with baking soda.  Rinse until all the grit and grime are gone, dry. with a cloth, and then let them air dry. If you’re storing larger coolers in the basement, garage or in a storage locker, leave a small opened box of baking soda inside before closing the lid. This will help keep your cooler fresh-smelling for years to come.


Photo by Alexa